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Khmer Famous one: Luong Preh Sdech Kon

Luong Preh Sdech Kon

 my creative idea that i was found by my self or to present every one of knowing the famous or good idea from another khmer people. Everybody can learn or share idea with this blog by comments. In the other hand, the reader can get more idea with good or new entertaninments (musics, videos, funny contexts, photos…), khmer eassays, khmer ideas, khmer news follow that i can find for share. I promise also to find the person who did it. At last, my set goal of this blog want to show our khmer creativity idea for in or out side the country to know khmer in clearlify. Moreover, I should sorry in advance if i wrote this context wrong some grammar or meaning, cause i really young to did it. Thanks for all that read it!!!


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